The course provides students with an introduction to  the field of gender, globalisation and development studies; it provides an analysis of how globalisation is associated with widening social, spatial and gender inequalities and an examination of some of the consequences of contemporary economic, social and spatial restructuring on the organisation of daily life in the Global North and South. The course is comprised of a number of themes: critical engagements and understandings of development ; contemporary theories of gender, development and globalisation; global integration and development - gender, and poverty; China and India; Work, development and global divisions; Gender and security; and Issues of embodiment The course draws on a wide range of perspectives and considers diverse analytical tools for the analysis of gender, development and globalisation. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and theorisation of socio-economic and spatial aspects of change, particularly changes in working patterns, living arrangements, experiences and subjectivities. Empirical illustrations are provided through a series of case studies and readings of ethnographies linking global and local issues and the lives of people across the globe.

    Teacher: Prof Sylvia ChantPicture of Marzia FontanaPicture of Anouk Patel-CampilloDP on researchPicture of Michael ShinerPicture of Kalpana Wilson