The course examines core theories towards a social psychology of communication. Issues raised will refer to verbal and non-verbal, face-to-face, rumours and mass mediated, as well as private and public, communal and strategic forms of communication. The course also provide an overview of applied communication research in various professional areas of public communication.

Theories of communication covered in the course include evolutionary theory, classical rhetoric, diffusion research, pragmatics and relevance theory, semiotics and system theory and the theory of communicative action. Issues will be raised as to the critical analysis and the design of communication efforts in professional fields such as business corporations, NGOs, scientific professional bodies, health promotion, governments and political parties, police campaigns, and international organisations.

    Teacher: Picture of Frederic BassoPicture of Martin BauerPicture of Catherine CampbellPicture of Bradley FranksPicture of Lucia GarciaPicture of Alex GillespiePicture of Ilka GleibsPicture of Caroline HowarthPicture of Sandra JovchelovitchPicture of Saadi LahlouPicture of Michael MuthukrishnaTom ReaderPicture of Jennifer Sheehy-SkeffingtonPicture of Chris Tennant