The aims of the course are to offer students the opportunity to critically explore contemporary international cinema as a site for the interrogation and reproduction of contested contemporary social and political processes such as migration, globalisation and conflict . The course will link cinematic representations to the preoccupations of contemporary cultural theory in relation to themes such as diaspora and identity, colonial/postcolonial memory, neo liberalism and cultural dislocations, religion and subjectivity and gendered violence. The course will introduce students to a range of international film and will develop the critical tools for the analysis of both mainstream and marginal (or marginalised) cultural productions. It will offer students a range of critical and theoretical writing on film considering questions such as cinema as oppositional practice, the emergence of transnational and 'intercultural' cinema, questions of representation, global spectatorship and 'witnessing' and the affective dimensions of cinema. Indicative films are: Unknown Pleasures (dir.Jia Zhang-Ke), Persepolis (dir. Marjane Satrapi), Black Skin White Mask (dir .Isaac Julien) Grabavica (dir. Jasmila Zbanic) Cache (dir Michael Henneke), In This World (dir Michael Winterborttom).

    Teacher: Picture of Sadie Wearing