MC402 examines a variety of social, cultural and psychological issues as they relate to the audiences for television and new media. It analyses people's everyday engagement with media, beginning with the history of audiences and audience research, then examining audiences for a variety of genres, before addressing transformations in audiences and audience research with the advent of new media, especially hybrid, globalised, cross-media genres and user-generated content. The course frames its critical investigation of empirical audience studies in relation to theories of active audiences, interpretative communities, encoding-decoding and fandom, among others. Students will be encouraged to read widely, to forge links with other aspects of media, communications and cultural studies, and to debate the nature and future of audiences in a changing media landscape.

    Teacher: Shakuntala BanajiCharlie BeckettPicture of Nicholas CouldryPicture of Olivier DriessensPicture of Sonia LivingstoneShaniPicture of Pollyanna RuizPicture of Wendy WillemsPicture of Rafal Zaborowski