HY238 investigates the evolution of both the cold war in Europe and the process of European integration, asking what the linkages were between these parallel developments. The Marshall Plan; the birth of NATO; the Schuman Plan; German Rearmament and the EDC; the Western European Union; the US and Euratom; the other Community – the EEC; JFK’s Grand Design; De Gaulle’s rival vision; the ‘double crisis’ of 1965-6; Harmel, NATO and the WEU; Ostpolitik and the re-emergence of German foreign policy activism; enlargement, EPC, and Kissinger; Schmidt, Giscard and Carter; Euromissiles and Eurosclerosis; Genscher-Colombo and the revival of political Europe; Europe and the end of the cold war – spectator or actor?; a German Europe or a European Germany?; Paris, Berlin & Maastricht.
    Teacher: Picture of Alexandre DabPicture of Nicholas Ludlow