What is the relevance of Societal Psychology for social science? How is it useful for the study of organisations, intercultural relations, community development and communication? Each week we tackle key debates for the social sciences through an examination of central theories in Societal Psychology. For example we ask: How is human consciousness possible? Is intergroup conflict inevitable? Are there cultural differences in how we think? Do we practice what we preach? Can a minority change the opinions of a majority? Do certain organisations produce good leaders? Would designing social spaces differently change social behaviour

    Teacher: Picture of Frederic BassoPicture of Catherine CampbellPicture of Lucia GarciaPicture of Alex GillespiePicture of Ilka GleibsPicture of Caroline HowarthPicture of Sandra JovchelovitchPicture of Saadi LahlouPicture of Michael MuthukrishnaTom ReaderPicture of Jennifer Sheehy-SkeffingtonPicture of Chris Tennant