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EC310 Course Guide

The course will expose students to several major topics in Behavioural Economics, and will link theory with empirical applications. The first half of the course will focus on departures from neoclassical preferences, while the latter half will cover departures from rational expectations. The particular topics to be covered include:

• Reference Dependent Preferences and Loss Aversion
• Social Preferences
• Hyperbolic Discounting
• Naiveté and Self-Control
• Projection Bias
• Happiness and Adaptation
• Heuristics and Biases
• Inattention and Shrouding
• Nudging and Framing
• Behavioural Welfare Analysis

Note: Graduate Teaching Assistants (who are often PhD students) will teach classes on this course.

    Teacher: Picture of Krittanai LaohakunakornPicture of Matthew Levy