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This course discusses the connections between methods courses and the research dissertation. It is a space to discuss and think about the epistemology, ambitions and ethics of research methodology generally. Specifically we cover the choice of research methods, the development of a research question, research ethics and how to evaluate good research, as well as issues in how to design specific forms of research.  

    Teacher: Picture of Martin BauerPicture of Kenneth BenoitPicture of Aude BicqueletPicture of Flora CornishPicture of Alex GillespiePicture of Elena Gonzalez-PolledoPicture of Dominik HangartnerPicture of Caroline HowarthPicture of Jonathan JacksonPicture of Alasdair JonesPicture of Jouni KuhaPicture of Benjamin LauderdalePicture of Irini MoustakiPicture of Sally StaresPicture of Jen TarrPicture of Olivier Wouters