This course will examine media and communication policies and development initiatives, focusing particularly on the application of information and communication technologies, the internet and mobile services. It will draw attention to some issues of critical importance in current ICT policymaking, particularly within developing countries, in terms of technology, market development and regulation, and of the relationship between the ICT sector and other areas of public policy such as development, the environment and rights. The course will draw on case studies and practitioner experience in communications deployment and development in Africa and Asia, as well as Europe. Course objectives are: to examine the relationship between ICT policy and wider public policy domains; to explore the development and regulation of communications in developing countries; to understand current experience and the application of policy development and research methods in these areas; and to illustrate these issues, using case studies.

    Teacher: Picture of SAVITA BailurCharlie BeckettPicture of Nicholas CouldryClaire MilnePicture of Jane Vincent