MC420 This course examines the relation between identity and the media in the context of diaspora and transnationalism. The course examines meanings of identity at present times, especially as these are formed through experiences of mediated and physical transnational mobility. As migration and symbolic mobility, especially through the media, inform each other it becomes almost impossible to understand identity outside the context of mediation. The course is organised in three main thematic units. The first unit provides the conceptual entry point to the course. The second unit focuses on the modes of transnational communication: television, cinema and the internet. The third unit focuses on the spaces of transnational communication: the city, the nation and the transnational space. Each unit and lecture contributes to the understanding of identity in a world that is increasingly interconnected and networked.

    Teacher: Charlie BeckettPicture of Nicholas CouldryPicture of Myria GeorgiouPicture of Wallis Motta