This course will introduce sociology students to the importance of quantification in modern societies, and will familiarise them with the main instruments for the collection of quantitative data, including surveys, census, administrative and transactional data. It will explore how numbers are deployed within social settings, how they can be used to both construct and challenge power relations. It will reflect on how digitalisation is reworking the significance of quantification in social life. 

In pursuing these concerns students will learn basic descriptive skills of quantitative data analysis, notably how to download large data sets, how to manipulate variables and carry out descriptive statistical analyses with Stata software and how to present this information in tabular and graphical form.

    Teacher: Picture of Fabien AccominottiPicture of Jouni KuhaPicture of Gordon LiPicture of Daniel McarthurPicture of Cynthia MeersohnPicture of Michael SavagePicture of Attila SzantoPicture of Francine TonkissPicture of George Tzougas