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EC102 Course Guide

This is an introductory course in microeconomics and macroeconomics for those expecting to take further courses in economics.

Course Content

Michaelmas Term: Supply and demand: consumer choice; characteristics of individual market demand; information & signalling; altruism & cooperation; theory of the firm; perfect competition, monopoly & price discrimination; externalities & property rights; public goods.

Lent Term: Measurement of the aggregate economy; money & inflation; trade & exchange rates; unemployment; economic fluctuations; stabilization policy; government debt; growth & development.

Note: Graduate Teaching Assistants (who are often PhD students) will teach classes on this course.

    Teacher: Picture of Pablo Anton ArnalPicture of Matias Bayas-erazoPicture of Mohan BijapurPicture of Albert Brue-PerezPicture of Francesco CaselliPicture of MANAV CHAUDHARYPicture of Ioan CioboataPicture of Nikola DacicPicture of Giorgio Di PaoloPicture of SALONI GOELPicture of Thomas HasenzaglPicture of Christopher HowardPicture of Hanwei Huang7Picture of Ria IvandicPicture of Taraq KhanPicture of Leonard KukicPicture of Monica LangellaPicture of Gianmarco OttavianoPicture of Lisa PanigrahiPicture of Filip PapicPicture of Simon PittPicture of Diogo Miguel Salgado-BaptistaPicture of Justine SchaferPicture of Amit SinghiPicture of Aditya SoenarjoPicture of Lindsey Marie UniatPicture of Maxim Waller