EC210 Course Guide

Michaelmas term starts by reviewing the key facts and ideas that will be useful throughout the course. We then move on to economic growth. Next we analyse consumption and investment decisions, paying particular attention to expectations about the future. Finally, we study the labour market and theories of unemployment.

Lent term covers business cycles, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, financial markets and international macroeconomics.

Note: Graduate Teaching Assistants (who are often PhD students) will teach classes on this course.

    Teacher: Picture of Andrea AlatiPicture of Aniket BaksyPicture of Mohan BijapurPicture of LUKAS BOLTEPicture of Adrien BussyPicture of YONG CAIPicture of Nicolas ChanutPicture of Nikola DacicPicture of William Ben GlaeserPicture of Maximilian GuennewigPicture of Rustam JamilovPicture of Maria Lopez-UribePicture of Rachel NgaiPicture of Tsogsag NyamdavaaPicture of Ali OrazganiPicture of Derek PillayPicture of Ricardo ReisPicture of Bhargavi SakthivelPicture of Kevin SheedyPicture of Nikita SinghPicture of Diego Vilchez NeiraPicture of Kezhou Xiao