HY116 covers the history of international relations since the 1890s. The course emphasizes the changing character of international politics over the course of the period', and aims both to equip students with a knowledge of international politics since 1890 and to provide the factual grounding and conceptual apparatus necessary to understand the contemporary world. Lectures and classes focus particularly on the origins, course, and aftermath of three great conflicts: the First World War, the Second World War, and the Cold War.

    Teacher: Picture of Roham AlvandiPicture of Nigel AshtonPicture of Antony BestPicture of Robert BoycePicture of David BroderPicture of Steven CaseyPicture of PEDRO CORREA MARTIN-ARROYOPicture of Marvin FriedPicture of Giovanni GragliaPicture of Matthew JonesPicture of Natalia KibitaPicture of William KingPicture of Nicholas LudlowPicture of Konstantina MaragkouPicture of Andrea MasonPicture of Sophia MoeschPicture of David MotadelPicture of Christopher ParkesPicture of Svetozar RAJAKPicture of David StevensonPicture of Vladislav Zubok