The course provides a precise and accurate treatment of introductory probability theory, statistical ideas, methods and techniques. Students will also be exposed to the Minitab statistical package. Topics covered are data visualisation and descriptive statistics, probability theory, random variables, common distributions of random variables, multivariate random variables, sampling distributions of statistics, point estimation, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance (ANOVA), linear regression, nonparametric tests, goodness-of-fit and independence tests.
    Teacher: James AbdeyPicture of Philip ChanPicture of Najla ElhezzaniPicture of Huang FengPicture of Stella HadjiantoniPicture of Tak Yui HoPicture of Anastasia KakouPicture of Shiju LiuPicture of Hye Young MaengPicture of Meena Mehta KotechaPicture of Evangelia MitrodimaPicture of Alice Pignatelli-Di-CerchiaraPicture of Cheng Qian2Picture of Yan Qu3Picture of Edward WheatcroftPicture of Pratibha YadavPicture of Christine YuenPicture of Diego ZabaljaureguiPicture of Yajing ZhuPicture of Xiaolin Zhu15Picture of Georgios Zouros